August 17, 2022 Published by Ilija Sekulov

Apply These 8 Secret Techniques to Improve Social Media Design

Having an outstanding social media design involves several elements. Take a look at our top techniques to help you achieve your brand goals.

Social media platforms have become an essential part of any content marketing strategy nowadays. Every business strives to have a strong social media presence and make an impact. To boost your brand presence and recognition in the overcrowded digital landscape of today, it’s essential to post engaging and interesting graphics on your social media platforms.

We, humans, are very visual creatures. So, to gain brand attention, your social media strategy should be focused on visual content. Your social media design should aim to communicate your brand’s message to your target audience and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

However, having an outstanding social media design that will appeal to your audience and make your brand stand out involves several elements. Take a look at our top techniques to improve your social media design and help you achieve your brand goals.


1. Use Your Logo or Headshot as Your Profile Image

Wondering whether you should use the company logo or the headshot of the person behind the brand as a profile picture? Well, if you’re managing an established brand with a well-known logo, then using it as your brand's profile image is an excellent idea.

On the other hand, if you are a public figure, for instance, an artist, a blogger, a socialite, or a politician and you’re focused on building your personal brand, using your personal picture as a profile photo would be better. In this case, your audience will connect with you more and it will be easier for you to build the personality behind your brand.

Once you have chosen your ideal profile picture, make sure to use the same photo for every social network as this will make it easier for your followers to recognize you on all social platforms. You can also have a few variations of your logo to add more versatility to your brand.


2. Use a Consistent Style of Images and Graphics

To build brand awareness and recognition faster, the media you post should be consistent with your brand. The images and videos you post must reflect your brand’s personality and characteristics. You can create and choose the photos yourself, hire an in-house designer or outsource a graphic design service that will help level up your business’ creative game and help it grow faster.

Truth be told, hiring experienced designers is almost always the best way to go as these professionals can help your brand stand out by creating custom graphics that speak to your audience and relate to your message.

Consistency is of great importance for brand recognition and success. Consistent branding can be easily achieved with the use of the same or similar fonts, images, and colors in your social media design. Colors can evoke emotion, so use hues wisely in your photos to evoke emotions, to navigate your audience through a story, and to create a sense of balance and harmony within your images.


3. Your Profile Photo and Cover Photo Should Complement Each Other

Another important factor to enhance your social media design is using a complementary profile and cover photo. This can be easily done by using similar photos that evoke the same mood, using the same font, or by applying the same filter to the profile and cover photos to achieve harmony and balance. Use graphics that evoke good vibes and are aesthetically appealing.


4. Add Your Logo to Your Social Media Images

When people see your logo design, they should be able to instantly recognize it and relate to it. Logos are excellent for creating consistency in branding. Spend some time designing a logo that represents you as a brand and appeals to your target audience.

Your best bet would be to leave the logo design in the hands of the experienced professionals who are helping you improve your social media design so that they can follow the same branding guidelines.

Once you have the ideal logo, use it on every social media post you create as well as on any physical promotions or other forms of advertising. This will help boost your brand awareness subtly and with a marked effect.


5. Choose Readable Fonts

There is a wide range of great fonts available that you can use in your branding. However, avoid the temptation to constantly switch between fonts and play with their use. Essentially, the fonts should do two functional jobs; first, they should be legible enough for easy, comfortable reading; secondly, they should help establish the feel, the emotion, and the overall brand.

As a rule of thumb, keep to two basic types but take some time to find two font types that suit your brand. It all comes down to your preferences and how you want your brand to be perceived - solid and bold, crafty and artsy, modern and sophisticated, vintage, handwritten…the choices are endless.

The fonts you choose should be instantly readable. For online writing, San Serif fonts are the best option for clarity. There are so many great free fonts online that you can use, so when choosing, look for font families that have different weights and options to boost your flexibility but still keep the consistency.

If you’re going with a two-font selection, try to find highly contrasting fonts so that you can have more options and easily create an emphatic and dynamic look when you need to. Once you’ve found your ideal fonts, stick to them. Use them in different colors, shadows, styles, and other techniques but keep them central to your branding.

Source: 99designs

6. Post User-Generated Content

User-created content is any type of content, such as videos, photos, text, and audio, that has been posted by users on social media platforms. Users create and share posts featuring your brand. And due to the fact that it’s generated by users, this type of content is highly influential, particularly in sales and services, helping you boost trust and credibility among your target audience.

Once you’ve established your brand strategy and goal, you can start creating a strategy to encourage user-generated content. One of the best ways to create a buzz around your products or services is using Instagram hashtags. Customer testimonials are also an excellent tool for conversions and sales.

You should encourage user-created content, but should also collect it so that you can use it and benefit from it.


7. Post Quotes

Posting quotes is a great idea if you want to get more shares and retweets. Be careful what kind of quotes you usually post though; you don’t want to scare off your audience by posting overly political quotes or quotes that can offend someone. Go with witty, intelligent, and thought-provoking posts that your followers will gladly share.

Before posting, read the quote a few times and have someone else check it too, just to make sure it’s safe to post. You can also share quotes from satisfied clients, such as reviews and other user-created content.


8. Post News from Your Industry

Posting news stories and posts is another excellent way to get more shares, likes, retweets, etc. Do not post arbitrary news stories from various topics though; stick to news from your industry that are interesting to read. These will help you generate brand association and show that your business is at the cutting edge of your profession.


In Conclusion

At the end of the day, when it comes to marketing, there’s really no one best way to do it. Before anything, you should learn about your target audience and find out their buying habits and preferences.

Improving your social media design can be a great starting point for getting more customer engagement. However, many experts claim that having a well thought out email marketing campaign can also boost your online presence and scale your business.

Check out our comparison between email marketing and social media so you can decide for yourself which option would be your best tactic!