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5 Tips to Grow Your Social Media Presence Without Breaking the Bank

While there are numerous benefits that come with being active on social media, there are several things you need to do too to boost your social media presence.

Small businesses worldwide are aware that social media is here to stay, but that doesn't mean everyone has the opportunity to devote the time and effort required to establish a good presence on the appropriate platforms.

The good news is, even if you haven't improved your social media presence yet, there's still time, and the advantages will be well worth your time. By cultivating long-term and loyal relationships with customers and prospects, a savvy social media strategy may help your company flourish.

According to Sherpa Marketing, more people follow brands on social media than celebrities. Around 80% of Instagram users follow at least one company. Hence, if you're not using social media, you're missing out on a fast, low-cost, and successful way to reach nearly half of the world's population.

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How to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Create a strategic plan

Social media has become integral in our daily lives, so we're all familiar with the platforms. It also means that it's so simple to get started with social media for businesses. It doesn't cost you to set up a Facebook page for your business, start a Twitter account or post on Instagram.

However, before jumping into the bandwagon, keep in mind that any good business strategy begins with a plan. While you can take advantage of social media resources at no cost, the time and effort required are still an investment in your business.

You have no clear vision for what you're trying to do if you don't have a strategy. That means you have no way of knowing if your investment is paying off.

Define your target market

A word of caution: "everyone" is not an audience.

Perhaps it's potential clients. Maybe it's the industry's decision-makers and influencers. In this case, segmenting the audience will assist you in determining the following:

  • Which social networking platforms to use
  • The publication schedule
  • The kind of content you distribute
  • The tone of your company's voice
  • Information included in your profiles

Since they don't post content that appeals to a specific audience, many brands get stuck in a rut. Take time to get to know your audience's personalities, difficulties, and the brands they already follow on social media. This type of competitive analysis might help you figure out how to make your own social media presence stand out.

Let them know you are a human being

Allow your audience to see a more human side of you. It entails frequent interaction on your social media pages. This does not imply simply posting a link to your article in the hopes that anyone may read or click on it. This requires actually showing up and engaging with others. Respond to your audience's posts and engage with them. Show them who you are, and they'll want to read more of your posts or visit your website as they'll feel more connected to you.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Start a discussion and express your thoughts and opinions.
  • To communicate with your followers, share pictures, use the '@' symbol, and so on.
  • Respond to comments and comment on other people's posts.
  • The idea is, make sure you're cultivating relationships with your clients. This will help you in increasing your social media presence.

Make use of the appropriate tools

Posting often and at the right times could boost your social media presence. Studies show that you should tweet 15 times per day. However, you might find yourself not having enough time in your day to log in to all of your social media pages on a regular basis. That is why you must use the appropriate tools.

You can remain involved on social media and save time by using software to schedule updates. There are applications that allow you to monitor all of your social media accounts in one location, plan posts weeks in advance, post at times when most people are online, and track how well your posts are doing. Using software to assist you with your social media accounts will ensure that you are posting often enough to boost your online presence.

Share Industry-Related Content

It's only normal that you'd want your audience to see you as an industry expert, but the content you make and share cannot always be about your business. You'll lose followers if all you do is curate thinly veiled ads.

Don't alienate your clients by being an egotistical salesperson. Rather, consider your target group. How can you catch their attention or meet their requirements? Essential, industry-related content will help you stay on top of things without annoying them.

Consider this: social media is similar to a dinner party. Nobody wants to be forced to listen to visitors who can't seem to stop talking about themselves. However, on social networking platforms, escaping is possible. There's no hesitancy, and there's no risk of hurt feelings. It's as simple as clicking "unfollow."


Social networking is a highly effective tool. And, in this digital era, small businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest.

The secret to creating compelling and relevant content that immediately connects your target market is to establish a solid social media presence.

A well-thought-out strategy is useless unless it is carried out in the same manner. For this reason, you must produce visually appealing content, so your audience is pleased with what you present to them even before they read what is written. The goal is to catch people's attention before they engage with your business.

Focus on your customer attraction techniques on engaging with your audience because no relationship lasts without interaction. A stronger bond with your target market would result in more loyal customers, putting you ahead of the curve and leaving your competition in the dust.

Talk to Delesign now on how you can further boost your social media presence.

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