How Chin Industries, a marketing company, grew to become a multi-faceted specialist through its strategic partnership with Delesign.

April 8, 2022

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How Chin Industries, a marketing company, grew to become a multi-faceted specialist through its strategic partnership with Delesign.


Specializes in housing professional relationships, product ideas, and branding concepts. Develop both for specific clients. Works with local businesses and other marketing companies to consult on their clients and the work they are doing in branding, product development, and space conceptualization. Also houses various digital assets and IPs.

Industry: Product ideas, branding concepts, product development, space conceptualization, IP, and digital assets.

Christian Maldonado

It started off slow but I’ve been a member for years now and love the platform

Christian M.

The Challenge

Before founding Chin Industries, Christian worked as a graphic designer and later became Head Design Editor. His vast experience in the field helped him build and found several marketing companies which specialize in structure, financial, management, brand, and overall growth consulting. Due to the company’s growth, it needed a partner whose sole purpose was to help with its graphic design needs.

The Solution

Matched with a skillful designer whose expertise fits their design needs

The design team made sure to thoroughly review their project types and design requirements to identify the designer who best suits them.


Christian was initially matched with a graphic designer, however, he had projects that were out of scope. His subscription was then upgraded and he was matched to a senior graphic designer who happens to been his designer for almost 4 years now.

Excellent and Easy Communication

Christian has provided multiple feedback regarding how easy and comfortable it is to use our dashboard. The UI and UX of our client portal truly are conducive to producing collaborative works. He has also established a professional relationship with not only his dedicated designer but with other designers as well which made communication really easy. “Creativeness, the worker has night shift while I sleep, the designer is diverse.” - Christian

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Hours of Design Saved

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Projects Completed

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per year saved!

The Results

“Love Delesign and great customer service.” - Christian M.

The user-friendly GO portal, conversant designers, and the 24/7 client support made it all easy for Christian to juggle with the demands of his job. He owns and manages multiple companies and brands and Delesign has been there with him from the get go in helping him with all of his creative design needs.

Top 3 biggest benefits of working with Delesign based on Christian's experience:

  1. Creativeness

  2. Worker has night shift while I sleep,

  3. The designer is diverse

Christian Maldonado

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