How Lacey Bourassa, a health and wellness writer, built confidence in her brand identity through Delesign’s simple workflow.

May 1, 2022

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How Lacey Bourassa, a health and wellness writer, built confidence in her brand identity through Delesign’s simple workflow.

About Lacey Bourassa

Lacey Bourassa is a beauty, health, and wellness writer. Her work has appeared on LIVESTRONG, Verywell Fit, Insider, EltaMD, and Eat This Not That. She is passionate about her craft and has established her own blog website. She describes herself as a professional, driven, punctual, and great with deadlines and people.

Industry: Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Beauty, Skincare

Lacey Bourassa

I don’t know the first thing about creating graphics

Lacey Bourassa

health and wellness writer, Written by Lacey

The Challenge

Lacey didn’t know the first thing about creating graphics. As a new business owner, she needed someone who can help her turn her ideas into on-brand designs. She was looking for an easy and friendly service that can meet all of her project requirements.

She required help with branding, logo, social media, and other custom graphic needs.

The Solution

Simple and Straightforward Client Portal

Requesting revisions have been fast and easy, making a steady flow of graphics accessible for the first time in the history of my business. - Lacey B.

Our development team made sure to create a very user-friendly client GO portal for the convenience of our clients. This made it easy for Lacey to navigate even just after signing up. She was able to effortlessly submit her first project right away.

Lacey effectively communicates with her designer through the portal in each of her submitted projects. She was able to manage all her projects conveniently with the option to prioritize projects.

Accommodating and Interactive Dedicated Designer

My designer has been able to take my ideas and not only bring them to life but create designs that are even better than I imagined. - Lacey B.

Lacey was matched to her own dedicated designer based on her project requirements. Her designer made sure to not only provide Lacey’s required outputs but also help her in the whole design process.

She was happy to always have an interactive conversation with her designer while also learning at the same time. Lacey was able to communicate her vision to her dedicated designer who turned her ideas into on-brand designs that exceeded her expectations.

Comprehensive and easily accessible knowledge base

While Lacey can always connect with the client support team anytime, she enjoys exploring Delesign's detailed knowledge base. This gives her the chance to get answers, learn and save time.

She’s also able to discover other features by watching videos or following step-by-step guides in the help center.

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Hours of Design Saved

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Projects Completed

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per year saved!

The Results

“I feel more confident than ever in the strength of my brand identity and social media presence thanks to the high-quality graphics I’ve received from my dedicated designer.”
- Lacey B.

Lacey’s overall experience with Delesign helped her not only established a strong and stable brand identity. She was also able to expand her knowledge in the design process through working with her talented designer and having a user-friendly one-stop platform.

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