How Tiffany Neuman, a brand strategist, fulfilled her role to be a Creative Director by partnering with Delesign to help her with the creative work.

April 12, 2022

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How Tiffany Neuman, a brand strategist, fulfilled her role to be a Creative Director by partnering with Delesign to help her with the creative work.

About Tiffany Neuman

Tiffany Neuman is a visionary brand strategist, and owner of Tiffany Newman Creative agency. She specializes in brand development and has been rocking the world of branding and design for over 20 years now.

She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs who are mission-driven. She gets satisfaction by serving those who make an impact in the world with their work.

She is also the creator of The Legacy Brand Transformation Method which has been featured in various media outlets such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Industry: Branding and Identity Design, Creative Direction, Operations, Publication Design (print and digital), Design Education, Client Relations, Design Best Practices.

Tiffany Neuman

I was not sure if the designer would be able to capture my direction

Tiffany N.

The Challenge

Tiffany heard about Delesign from another coach who was also working with Delesign. She made the leap with Delesign in January 2021, even when she was not sure if her dedicated designer would be able to capture the direction of her projects.

Prior to working with Delesign, she was solely in charge and fully hands-on with all the design projects of her clients, and she believes that this was impeding her business. She wanted to transition to a Creative Director role, and needed someone who will closely work with her and help her with the creative work.

She initially needed help with social media graphics, print collaterals, infographics, eBooks, blog Images, illustrations, and logos.

The Solution

Matched with an efficient, skilled, and brand expert designer

“My designer does an amazing job with every project” - Tiffany Neuman

Our design management team made sure that Tiffany was matched to the most fitting designer based on her project requirements. Her dedicated designer clearly understands what Tiffany envisions in every project and executes it in a very timely manner.

Delivered on-point and stellar designs

We made certain to only provide precise and high-quality work as we understand how this is important in not only saving time but also in making an impact in every project that we deliver for Tiffany. This resulted in a faster turnaround time and more projects completed.

Impressive Communication

Her dedicated designer was able to establish consistent and effective communication with Tiffany, and this played a huge role in having a fluid working process. Tiffany can easily confer with her designer in the client portal on every project thread.

clock icon delesign


Hours of Design Saved

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Projects Completed

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per year saved!

The Results

“I am so happy to be working with Delesign” - Tiffany N.

The ease of using Delesign, timeliness, high-quality work, and designer’s receptiveness, helped Tiffany achieve her fancy to become a creative director. By delegating the creative artwork, she was able to focus more on the other aspects of her business and on fulfilling her mission to be a light in the world through her Legacy Brand method.

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