Maria Waida's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for SaaSy Copywriting.
Maria Waida

Maria Waida • Owner
SaaSy Copywriting

Delesign surpassed my expectations. I really value the sheer quantity and quality of the work they can provide. Their work was so fast and detailed I had to come up with even more ideas for things I needed done! Luckily for me as a small business owner that’s not very hard to do and I was able to finally check some things off my list that had been on there for ages.

Their customer service is also superb. I appreciate the personal touches and communication every step of the way. I have already recommended Delesign to friends and colleagues who need design assistance in any capacity. It’s outsourcing at its best.

Maria Waida

Maria Waida • Owner
SaaSy Copywriting

Jess Smith's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for Lunar Digital Assets.

It was an absolute pleasure and joy to work with the Delesign team! I came to my assigned designer as a blank pallet with little vision of what I wanted and she was able to create beautiful branding and images for me that I feel really represent who I am as a person/company - I am thrilled to put it out into the world! My designer was fast, patient, took direction and feedback well and I was blown away by the amount of design work that we were able to accomplish in a short amount of time. Thank you, Delesign, for an exceptional experience!

Jess Smith

Jess Smith • CEO
Jess Smith Coaching

Han Yoon's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for Lunar Digital Assets.

Our marketing agency, Lunar Digital Assets has used Delesign for multiple projects for our clients. Initially we were skeptical of how the quality would turn out because of the low price for their monthly unlimited design service. We tried them out though based on one of our team members recommendations. I can say after several projects that I am very confident in their services and have started recommending them to associates in related fields. We are now getting our design projects done with same or better quality than previous designers at about 1/4 of the cost, and actually could be even cheaper if we are fast at sending them projects so we get more projects done in the month. It’s really what you make of it, because they keep working diligently no matter how many projects you send. 10/10 recommend them for both value and quality of work.

Han Yoon

Han Yoon • CEO
Lunar Digital Assets

Ben Stern's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for Kura Tech.

Delesign has saved our designers a ton of time and exceeded my expectations! I’m so glad I gave it a try. I was skeptical about outsourcing at first, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality and process. I would strongly recommend this to all businesses in need of design work!

Ben Stern

Ben Stern • COO
Kura Tech

Delesign Review

Delesign is AMAZING!!! I hired them to do the graphics for my first big launch, and they knocked it out of the park. All the designs were beautiful, the team followed instructions to the T, and delivered in timeliness (actually, sometimes before the deadline!). I had a few “emergency” situations when I needed edits turned around quickly to meet launch dates and even then, Delesign showed up and delivered everything on time. I’m so impressed by their professionalism and quality of work — highly recommended!!

Celinne Da Costa

Celinne Da Costa

William Sung's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for Asian Style Furnishing.

Delesign really helped my small business look so much better. Our old design was plain and outdated. Julius made sure we were brought into the modern era. I really need to thank him for his quick turn around and consistent design work. It really gave my web store a theme and my customers have taken notice as well!

William Sung

William Sung • Owner
Asian Style Furnishing

Tomas Riegos's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for White Lotus Scrolls.

I was very impressed by the turnaround speed of the designer to take a vision for a video illustration and turn it into reality on a short turnaround.

Delesign is so convenient, and the designer I’m working with, Christine, is THE BOMB!

Tomás Quiñonez-Riegos

Tomás Quiñonez-Riegos • Entrepreneur
White Lotus Scrolls

Garrett Masuda's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for University of the Pacific's Dental Society.

Delesign is a five-star business! The design interface is highly accessible and my designer, Christine, is extremely cordial and professional. I receive premium quality designs in a quick turnaround time. One of my favorite features of Delesign is having the ability to easily communicate with the designer about project ideas and receive swift responses. I highly recommend Delesign to everyone as it was able to provide me with everything from t-shirt designs to professional business logos!

Garrett Masuda

Garrett Masuda • Dental Society
University of the Pacific

Delesign Review

I have used Delesign twice now and will continue to use them. I’ve found both designers polite, prompt and talented and am thrilled that I can go back to tweak things as many times as needed. Highly recommend.

Catherine Coluccio

Speaker and Trainer

Tyler Rice's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for his startups.

The team at Delesign have truly transformed our organization. From logos to infographics and flyers, we have a whole new amazing and consistent look.

The greatest part is how easy it is to get there with Delesign. Not only do the final products look great but the system is so easy to work with. We’ve had the pleasure to work with a designer named Mary who works a night time shift so each evening before we close off for work that day we make sure there is a project in the queue and the next morning we wake up to another awesome deliverable.

With Delesign it helps us to keep pushing forward with the business and branding in a way that we probably wouldn’t do if we were hiring somebody per task. In the end, it’s like we have a whole other team member… I haven’t ever met Mary in person but it feels like she’s just as much a part of our company as our colleagues. It truly is a wonderful system and the customer service all the way through the organization is phenomenal. Very collaborative and great communication.

Tyler Rice

Recycling start-up and Non-profit Yoga Studio

Delesign Review

I run Almabase. It’s a joy working with Delesign. The designer assigned to us (Roy) is more like a team member now – super prompt, very reliable and highly talented. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Sri Maneru

Sri Maneru • Co-Founder

Robert Macaisa's testimonial review of using Delesign as a photographer client for

I’m a professional photographer. I know there’s a lot of us that need consistent graphic assets, both for clients and for self-promotion. The problem is – hiring a professional designer (even on a job-by-job basis) is expensive, and going through discount design websites that outsource work can lack in both quality and communication that the job’s going to be done right. Delesign, I think, really hits a nice median. You can build a working relationship with your designer, that works on your schedule, with an easy interface that makes all your previously completed assets easy to access. I think Delesign is a home run, at a modest price point that’s a sweet spot for a lot of self-employed creatives working every day!

Robert Macaisa

Robert Macaisa • Owner
Professional Photographer

Lacey Bourassa's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for Written By Lacey and Vegan Faux Ever.

I don’t know the first thing about creating graphics, but with Delesign’s user-friendly portal, I was able to communicate my vision to a dedicate specialist who turned my ideas into on-brand designs that exceeded my expectations. Requesting revisions has been fast and easy, making a steady flow of graphics accessible for the first time in the history of my business.

As a new business owner, I utilize Delesign for all my branding, logo, social media, and custom graphic needs. My designer has been able to take my ideas and not only bring them to life, but create designs that are even better than I imagined. I feel more confident than ever in the strength of my brand identity and social media presence thanks to the high-quality graphics I’ve received from my dedicated designer.

Lacey Bourassa

Lacey Bourassa • Owner
Written By Lacey and Vegan Faux Ever

Roc Zacharias's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for Lunar Digital Assets.

I am so glad I found Delesign. They worked quickly on all the projects I’ve sent them, and usually have updates same day! Our designer Mary is great. I can either send her detailed plans for a design, or if I am stuck figuring it out, I can give general ideas and she is able to come up with great creative beautiful designs! I highly recommend Delesign. The value using the monthly unlimited service is just too good!

Roc Zacharias

Roc Zacharias •
President and Chief Business Development Officer
Lunar Digital Assets

Delesign Review

Switching to Delesign was one of the best thing we have done as a start-up company! We have tried many other flat-fee unlimited designing service out there but the team at Delesign really stepping the game up! The service is consistent, the communication is absolutely great and their scope of practice exceeds most of their competitor by far (from website/app design to marketing illustration/logo creation). Above all, the designer team is actually very up-to-date with the designing trends so I don’t have to explain too much about what I want and the final products are always excellent!

Harry Nguyen

Harry Nguyen


I’ve tried hiring an artist on Upwork, used other design services, and used other tools that allow you hire designers. But our artist at Delesign has been leaps and bounds better than all of them. I showed her a sample of our podcast album covers and she nailed it on the first try.

It’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made in our business. When they say “if you can describe it, we can create it” they aren’t kidding. For a creative person with an imagination, it’s like having a creative agency at your fingertips. You feel like a kid in a candy store. I’ve been so impressed with Delesign I’m recommending it to all my entrepreneurial friends.

Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao
Unmistakable Creative

Delesign Review

If you are not a designer but you can imagine what you need, Delesign will create it for you. Delesign has designed our website, all new features in our app/mobile app, marketing presentations and marketing videos. You can throw what ever design requirement you have and expect a super fast turnaround.

Aravindan Rs

Aravindan Rs • Co-Founder

Delesign Review

Trying out Delesign is the best decision that I have ever made. The designer assigned to me not only executes my ideas but she also uses her own as well. It is very useful since sometimes, I am already drained of design ideas. I love that we work together like a team!

Ida Alido-Abenir

Marketing Manager

Daniel Lee's testimonial review of using Delesign as a client for his streaming.

Delesign is very quick and professional. Their extremely structured and organized layout allows for a smooth transition in communication and design projects to be completed. There is no other company I can count on to do what Delesign has offered and succeeded in providing. I have recommended Delesign to many friends.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee
Professional Gamer and Entrepreneur

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